A 53-year-old man is dead after another driver drifted over the center line and collided with his 2000 Ford Ranger. According to investigators, 71-year-old Sandra Key Butler, of Pfafftown, was travelling westbound on Shattalon Drive when; for unknown reasons, she seemingly lost control of her vehicle and crossed over to the eastbound side. In so… Read More

In Hairston v. Harward; the North Carolina Supreme Court held that uninsured/underinsured motorist benefits received by a car accident victim; are not credits against any personal injury award. There is a principle known as the “collateral source rule. This rule basically states that a court cannot reduce a personal injury award to account for payments the… Read More

Hurricane Florence revealed significant understaffing issues at nursing homes in North Carolina as facilities evacuated patients. Nursing homes need to be prepared for natural disasters. North Carolina nursing homes An NPR report noted that 10 North Carolina nursing homes evacuated in anticipation of Hurricane Florence, but many residents remained in facilities across the state under threat of… Read More

When a passenger vehicle and motorcycle collide, the auto accident is often fatal for the motorcycle rider. As a result, substantial compensation may be available to the survivors. Authorities quickly blamed a motorcycle rider for a fatal auto accident in High Point. But was it really his fault? The wreck occurred in front of a… Read More