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The Basic Steps To Starting A Nonprofit in North Carolina

Starting a non-profit business in North Carolina is fairly easy if you follow a plan. There are requirements that each 501-C3 entity must meet to qualify as a nonprofit. This blog discusses the basic needs that every nonprofit applicant must meet. Let’s get started!

Setting up the Nonprofit

Setting up a company can be tricky. Use the following list as a checklist.

Name the Company

You need to have a unique name for your company and because the company will be incorporated, you must register it with the state. The name must be unique, and North Carolina makes it easy to check that your company’s name is unique by offering a name search tool

Set up the Power Grid

The power grid is the network of people and professionals who are in charge. You will need an incorporator and directors. An incorporator is usually the CEO or owner and is the person who is responsible for signing the articles of incorporation.

Your company needs an incorporator and at least one other director. More is helpful, since some documents require two signatures. The total number of directors is defined by your bylaws.

Write the Guidelines

Write the bylaws, policies and procedures. Once these documents are developed they become the legal structure of how you do business and can be used against you if the company is not following its bylaws. Working with a nonprofit lawyer in North Carolina is essential.

Appoint a Register

This is a person or company with an office that accepts legal notices on behalf of your company. This person and business are registered with the state and government. If anyone sues your non-profit, the legal notices will go to the register on file.

Create the Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation prove that the company is legitimate and real. There are requirements for both the State of North Carolina and the IRS that each application must meet. You can learn more about the IRS requirements from their Article of Incorporation document. Working with a non-profit law firm can streamline the process of creating articles of incorporation.

Complete and File the Articles of Incorporation with North Carolina. Once you have filed the Articles of Incorporation, you will need to apply for an EIN number from the IRS. An EIN is the non-profits social security number. The non-profit will also need a North Carolina State Tax ID as well.

Get The Legal Help You Need!

While the process is relatively straightforward, the individual tasks can be legally challenging. It’s important that your bylaws, policies, and procedures are thorough.  It’s also vital that your articles of incorporation are written correctly and filed properly with the necessary government agencies. McAllister, Aldridge & Kreinbrink can help. We are your local North Carolina nonprofit law team with the experience and expertise to help you launch your new non profit.

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