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Elder law is an important and growing area of the law.  We serve individuals and families who have a variety of legal concerns, including how to protect and care for a loved one with dementia or other cognitive impairment; how to best address estate matters related to late in life marriages; and a variety of estate planning issues that are unique to the aging population.   A very common and regular aspect of our elder law practice is to address and resolve concerns about planning and paying for long-term care, as many of our clients worry whether they can afford home health care, assisted living, or the extraordinary cost of a skilled care facility.

North Carolina Elder Law Attorneys

Advanced Health Care Directives, coupled with Durable Powers of Attorney, can often avoid the need for an expensive, public, and often undignified court proceeding if an individual does not have the ability to continue to manage his or her affairs due to illness, stroke, dementia, cognitive impairment, mental illness, addiction, or other similar causes. Planning in these areas is important regardless of whether your assets are large or small and regardless of the current state of your physical or mental health.

Our experience and guidance is often a valuable resource to you as you choose the right agents, executors, and trustees, which might be the most important decisions you face. Practical feedback about these roles helps you feel confident that you have the right people in place to protect you during life and secure your legacy after your death.

We welcome the opportunity to provide guidance to those who serve you as your executor, trustee, or the agent acting under your power of attorney. This way we help assure that those individuals are acting according to the law and in your best interest. Our relationship with clients and their families is long term and often multi-generational, as we strive to assure that you will always have a sound and protective plan that serves you no matter what might happen in the future.

North Carolina Elder Abuse

We can also be a good resource to help you or your family guard against elder abuse or help to mitigate harm if abuse has occurred.  Contact us so we help protect you or your family member.

Our firm has significant experience with adult guardianship proceedings and guardianship estate administrations. If you have questions about whether guardianship is necessary, alternatives to guardianship, how to petition for guardianship, or if you yourself are a guardian and need advice or assistance, we are available to serve.

We help provide to you and your loved ones vital legal tools that reflect your personal choices and assure you are protected during your lifetime; and we assure that you have a comprehensive and cohesive estate plan, which may include wills and trusts, which take effect after death. We strive to be your zealous advocate and assure that your wishes are honored and your personalized plan is enforced, particularly during times you are the most vulnerable, like during periods of illness, at the end of life, and after your death. We consider your trust in us to be a sacred trust, and we are honored to stand by you and your family through any difficult time.

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