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Hot New Hollywood Trend: Bird Nesting

Are you hip to Hollywood trends? If so, then maybe you know the designers of all your favorite celebrities. But how much do you know about bird nesting?

Despite the name, it’s not a hobby that has anything to do with birds. It’s not even a hobby. Bird nesting is actually a term used to describe a child custody arrangement in which the children stay in the marital home while the parents take turns living in the home with the children.

This trend is gaining popularity in Hollywood. The new sitcom “Splitting Up Together” is about this situation. It may seem like the ideal situation for the kids, as it keeps them from having to go back and forth from one house to another. There are pros and cons to bird nesting, so if you are divorcing with children, read on to see if this arrangement may be right for your situation.

Pros of Bird Nesting

The biggest advantage of bird nesting is that it reduces chaos for the children. They don’t have to move or go back and forth between parents. The parents are the ones who go back and forth, eliminating the children’s stress. This arrangement especially works well for young children and those with special needs.

Another advantage of bird nesting is that you don’t have to sell the family home right away and get a lower dollar amount for it. You can hold onto it until the kids are grown and wait for home values to rise.

Cons of Bird Nesting

While bird nesting can be good for the kids, this is not always true for the parents. Bird nesting requires parents to communicate and be on good terms with each other in order for this situation to work. In many cases, though, it just brings about more drama and causes more chaos.

Bird nesting is also costly. You would need three homes in order for this to work—a central home for the kids, one home for the mother and one for the father. This means you would need to maintain the central home as well as pay for your own place to stay. While this may not be an issue for some, many people don’t have that much extra money, especially after a divorce.

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There are many ways child custody arrangements to consider when divorcing. It’s important to find a solution that benefits the parents and the children. The divorce attorneys at McAllister, Aldridge & Kreinbrink PLLC can help you with your divorce so you can make the right decisions during this stressful time. To learn more or to schedule a consultation, call our office today at (336) 882-4300.

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