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Man Killed in Head-On Collision

Head-on collisions often lead to fatality because of the speed and impact involved. This unfortunately was the case for a man who was traveling through an intersection when he was hit head on by a drunk driver.

The fatal crash happened on the evening of April 14 at the intersection of Seth Court and Robinwood Road in Gastonia. The man was on Robinwood Road traveling west when he was hit by a 20-year-old man. The driver who hit him was intoxicated, texting and driving without a license.

The man died in the crash. The driver who hit him faces multiple criminal charges, including felony vehicular manslaughter, hit and run, driving while intoxicated, driving without a valid driver’s license, texting while driving, reckless driving, failure to register vehicle, and possession and consumption of an alcoholic beverage by an underage motorist.

Involuntary Manslaughter

Killing someone even accidentally is considered a serious offense in all states. Under North Carolina General Statutes § 14-18, involuntary manslaughter is defined as killing another person through negligence, recklessness or an illegal act. It is classified as a Class F felony, which is a mid-level felony with a penalty ranging from 10-41 months in prison.

In some cases, these crimes are truly accidents where a driver made one wrong move and caused a serious accident. This is not the case here. The driver was engaging in multiple illegal acts, such as drinking and driving, texting, driving without a license and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Whether or not the driver in this case is convicted of involuntary manslaughter, the family of the deceased man can file a civil lawsuit against the driver and sue him for wrongful death. His actions directly led to the man’s death. Wrongful death lawsuits often require a lower standard of proof, but are filed using the same evidence used during a criminal case.

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Motorists are supposed to drive in a safe manner at all times. When they don’t, they may cause serious accidents that can result in fatality, as seen in this case.  If your loved one has died in an accident, the wrongful death attorneys at McAllister, Aldridge & Kreinbrink PLLC can help you during this difficult time. While we can’t bring your loved one back to life, we can help you obtain compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills and other damages. Schedule a consultation by calling our office at (336) 882-4300.

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