We make our children sit in the backseat of the car because most of us believe the idea that riding in the back seat is safer than riding in the front seat of the car. A common result of this myth is people not wearing their seatbelts in the back seat of vehicles. For those… Read More

Anyone who is a driver or a passenger in a passenger car, an SUV, a pickup truck, a minivan, or on a motorcycle against an 18-wheeler or semi-truck knows that they are in an unfair fight. Large trucks require more time to come to a halt, are more difficult to control, and cause more destruction,… Read More

In North Carolina, couples going through a divorce can seek shared physical and legal custody of a child. Unfortunately, many parents are unable to come to an agreement regarding custody and visitation, as a result of which, a court is forced to step in and award primary physical custody to one of the parties. In… Read More