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North Carolina Industrial Commission states that “All employees bear the burden of establishing all legal requirements for their claim.” The way that workers compensation claims work in North Carolina, is that each case is decided based on the individual merits of the case. Even COVID-19 exposure and contraction can be a worker’s compensation injury. Do… Read More

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Starting a non-profit business in North Carolina is fairly easy if you follow a plan. There are requirements that each 501-C3 entity must meet to qualify as a nonprofit. This blog discusses the basic needs that every nonprofit applicant must meet. Let’s get started! Setting up the Nonprofit Setting up a company can be tricky.… Read More

Every driver in North Carolina is required to have a certain minimum amount of auto insurance coverage. However, some people ignore this legal requirement and do not have any insurance at all. Other drivers have only the minimum amount of coverage, but it may not be enough to address all of the damages and injuries… Read More

Are you working through a situation where you were misdiagnosed?  Did you receive a delayed diagnosis from a doctor for an illness or injury? If so, the situation can be frustrating to deal with. Not only are your sick or injured, but you also feel as though your doctor did not provide the best care… Read More

When a party is found at fault in a civil case, they must usually pay compensation to the victim. This compensation is designed to put the victim in the same position as if the injury had never occurred. In reality, putting the pieces back together after an accident is often impossible, but awarding the victim… Read More